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San Diego Wikimedians User Group is growing group of users, and contributors, of various Wikimedia Foundation projects, dedicated to helping build the momentum of the wiki movement. We are based in San Diego County. This is a recognized User Group ( US-SAN ).

1 Antecedent (Group's History)

In 2014, there was an effort to establish a user group in Southern California under the name Southern California Wikimedians, by various Wikimedians. In 2016, DrMel's wikiSoCal (an effort to engage with multiple open knowledge sources) took up the cause, holding various meetups in San Diego County, and worked on the planning for a conference in San Diego; this eventually evolved into WikiConference North America 2016. Attempts to create a user group with a significant geographic region of all of Southern California, was not approved, as it was seen as having too large of a geographic scope. Casual, unofficial, social meet-ups and edit-a-thons continued to be held on a monthly basis in San Diego County until we received approval as an affiliate in August 2017, for the smaller geographic scope of San Diego County only.

2 Goals

We are hoping to plan and host year round activities. In addition, we are working to partner with other existing Wikipedians, new and past volunteers, organizations, and schools around San Diego County and beyond.

2.1 Meetups

Most meetups are in San Diego, but anyone is welcome to join us online. Event details are posted off wiki at . In addition events are posted off wiki at .

2.2 Content improvement

Working with Wikipedians from Wikiproject San Diego, Wikiproject California, and other wikiprojects, we seek to improve content within their scopes of interest.

2.3 Community engagement

We hope to partner with local organizations, in order to assist us in spreading the word about the accessibility of the various Wikimedia projects, and how they too can contribute to it. Working with those organizations, they can increase the number of active Wikimedians, bringing a diverse and growing number of participants to the various Wikimedia projects which peak their interest.

3 AffCom Resolutions

4 Participants and Supporters

5 Reports

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